Join our fun active team

Join our fun active team
This team is for people who sell on Etsy and love connecting with other shop owners!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Treasuries How To

Treasuries- is a place to be creative and collect one item from sixteen of your favorite shops, as a show and tell member we strongly encourage curating treasuries weekly.

Benefits for curating; 

Helps show other shop owners your on going interest in there shop 

Members featuring your shop and helping you build and increase your views

Do you know how to create a treasury?

Here's Etsy's detailed instructions:

Shortened Version;

Pick 16 items (from different shops duplicating shops or adding your own shop is frowned upon by Etsy).

At the very bottom of every  item page, it will say "Add item to treasury" click on that. Give your treasury a title 
(you can use a title that matches a theme) and click 'Save'. You can create more the one treasury at a time this way also by adding different items with a different title, by clicking add new.

When your shop is being featured in a treasury you should always do your best to promote it, by sharing to social media and including a few hash tags to increase views on this treasury so others are seeing how awesome your shop is. Also remember to;

FAVOR - This is when you click on the little heart for the treasury itself. This means that the *treasury* has been favored and will pass through the activity feed of your followers.

COMMENT - This is pretty self-explanatory. This is when you leave a comment regarding the treasury try to use a comment with three words or more. 

CLICK - This is when you "click" on the individual listings within the treasury. It is either a click on the heart to favor the listing or a ctrl+click (holding the control button down at the same time you click on the individual listing to open it in another browser. Did you know that you can add up points in the treasury by clicking up to 30 times? We can click on individual listings in each treasury (either by heart or ctrl+click) up to 30 TIMES!
But...there is a cool-off period for clicks. There is a 4-5 hour period before our clicks will count again.

Views: We can "view" a treasury every 45 minutes for it to count points as a view.

"PNR" - Etsy Treasuries

WHAT IS A PNR Treasury? 

A PNR means Promote and Replace till next round Treasury, very similar to a BNR without having to buy in.

Each one starts with 16 featured shops and in the first couple of posts it tells you what the rules of the PNR are.

Usually you choose a shop that is being featured and promote an item via social media sites, then share your links in the comment box of the treasury.


PNR's are a great way to:
1. Promote your shop and increase views
2. Gain followers to increase visibility of your shop on Etsy.
3. Increase sales
4. Build customer base
5. Become part of the Etsy community.
6. Learn from seasoned Etsy peeps, eager to help your business succeed.

It's simple, but if you are still having trouble, list your question here

Monday, April 21, 2014

Downtown Abbey Scavenger Hunt

Downtown Abbey scavenger hunt. Each treasury includes one of each item. Here was this weeks  list.
1. walking cane 2. pigs 3. maid's apron 4. vintage phone 5. tea service 6. long white gloves
7. bow tie 8. horses 9. pocket watch 10. antique car 11. baby buggy 12. bells 13. stationery
14. Country kitchen 15. silverware 16. pearls

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


                 Gathering with friends and family is a whole lotta fun, especially when you are creating a virtual environment to interact with one another, as we often do in our team- SATET~!

          Today, I bring you a small handful of artfully minded individuals of the SATET team who gathered for a feast at our Virtual Picnic!

             One of our Team Captains, Jesseka Threw the idea out and each of us gathered with our crafty one of a kind pieces for this picnic.

              Imagine. You close your eyes and before you lay items that you would need for a picnic. Before we go through our virtual event, let's take a look at the people who helped create this moment.

Everyone involved had to answer a few questions so that you blog readers can get a better look at the individual outside of the fantasy event we held.

These questions included,

1-What inspires you the most?

2- How often do you create?

3- What is the hardest part of owning an Etsy shop?

4- What item did you bring to our virtual picnic and Why? Is it still available for purchase, if not do you have anything similar?

Each seller is beautiful inside and out, and truly enjoy what they are doing with their Etsy store!

Here is what everyone brought and what they had to say~! Enjoy~!

Tracy McMillan of MadJam3 says-
                1. What inspires me the most?
I'm inspired because I was told that I couldn't be successful at selling my crafts/creations. So I am inspired/motivated to prove that person wrong.

                 2. I try to work on my creations a little every day. I also have a full time day job so
 it can be tricky sometimes.

                  3. The hardest part of owning the Etsy shop?
Balancing creating time with promotional time. And taking pictures. I've redone my pictures more times than I can count...just trying to get them perfected.

                 4.What item did you bring to the picnic? Why?
I brought hand knit dish cloths to clean up the mess. I do still l have them available. I also have listings of different colors and quantities available.

Kath and Wayne of Rocks2Gems2Wire says-

           1. What inspires me the most is the rocks. They are so beautiful all by themselves, that it is a challenge to make them into jewelry without taking away from their already beautiful look. Sometimes I see a rock and see a picture. I've already made a giraffe head for my daughter and an alien head for my husband from epidote. I also see pictures on jasper that I'd like to photograph for fine art. Maybe a new shop one day!?! My partner/husband also inspires me. He is very creative!

                   2. Because I handle the Etsy end of the business and work full time in 12 hour shifts, not as often as I'd like, so probably about once a week. I'm working on increasing that time.

                  3. The hardest part of owning an Etsy shop for us is that we are in an already saturated market and so we try to come up with ideas that no one has. Plus trying to list each item with adequate SEO and trying to get exposure is not easy. But our great teams are big help there :)

               4. Finding picnic items out of jewelry was a challenge, but thanks to Wayne's novelty item ideas, we brought clothespins for closing chip bags or any other needed use, two chairs, three jackets to wear or use as sit upons, and a dog bone for our dog to enjoy...although with the lack of food items, we may be fighting her for it, lol. I mentioned making fried chicken earrings, etc and was joking, but seriously, with all the miniature stuff we have, we could make food jewelry! Sigh.., we haven't sold anything so it's all still available. If we are on a lake and have a boat, I have a key ring we can pretend has the boat keys on it! Water skiing, anyone???

Thanks for "listening!"
Kathy (and Wayne)

 Wood clothespin earrings; Novelty earrings; Kitschy clothespin earrings; minimalist earrings; clothespin ear jewelry; wood ear jewelry  Dog bone ear cuff; bone ear jewelry; gun metal ear cuff with bone charm; dog bone charm; antique brass dog bone ear cuff  Kitschy chair earrings; miniature earrings; miniature chair earrings; novelty earrings with brown chairs; brown chair earrings

Effie of UnicornsOgStuff says-


                 1. What inspires me most is music! As I listen to music I imagine many things! Many colors and materials become feelings that music gives me

               2. I create something, almost every day ! But I don't spend more than 2 hours cause these days I am really busy :/

                3. The hardest part of owning an Etsy shop is to make people notice you and buy from you. But I think I am working on it ^_^

          4.I brought
2 Friendship bracelets, Cream bracelet, purple bracelet, Braided bracelet   Light blue bracelet with light blue sugar skull charm & white beads

Cause like almost every woman in the world I need jewelry on me,even in a picnic. So, I'd wear some casual bracelets but with not so flashy colors!
They are still available for purchase!

Yolanda of CasaKarmaDecor says-

1. What inspires me the most? I am inspired most by being able to be make a difference in "Saving the Earth". I truly believe in recycling and up cycling items in order to give them a second chance.

                 2. How often do you create? I create when my schedule allows. Wish I had more time to create. I even "brainstorm" when sitting idle and write my ideas down in a notebook for later.

                 3. What is the hardest part of owning an Etsy shop? The hardest part of being a curator of an Etsy shop is there is not enough time throughout the day to get everything done! I am a one-woman show.

                4. What item did you bring to our virtual picnic and Why? Is it still available for purchase, if not do you have anything similar? I brought my picnic basket to the picnic. One cannot have a picnic without a picnic basket. I am drawn to baskets so there are usually plenty of different types of baskets available through my shop to fit many different tastes.

Picnic Basket Hawkeye Picnic Baket Vintage Woven Basket Woven basket REDUCED

Jesseka of G.S.S.BeautyCrochetBabyBoutique  GSSBEAUTY says-

       My inspiration is family - new additions always make me smile whether it is in my family or someone I know. I am always stitching some something.
Hardest thing is feeling your product is worth selling I know my crochet technique is awesome but it still makes me nervous when I sell something like, "Will they like it?", etc.

Yellow and White Sun hat with Ruffles,Yellow Sun Hat,Baby Girl Easter Hat,Sundays Best Baby Hat, Baby Hat with Brim, Made to order Baby Hat   Pink and Green Beanie Hat with Pom Pom Eyes and Nose Ready to ship, Dark and Light Pink and Green Beanie Hat, Hat with Pom Pom, Newborn Hat

I brought two hats one to block out the sun the other because everyone loves watermelon!

Taunya of TheBarefootBombshell says-

1. Its hard to say what truly inspires me the most. I have always had a love for fashion, music, family and nature. The Arts have always been a part of my life. From my grandmother and natural ability to just pick up and instrument and play it, growing up on farm in Tennessee, she taught herself to play guitar, piano, banjo and the most beautiful instrument of all her voice. Then my Mother who can Draw, Paint, and work with Clay. She does amazing work. My eldest Son has carried on with Anime. That is his thing. I guess I really pull my creativity from my family.

2. I create daily. Unless, my pain is out of control and I am bedridden that day. Unfortunately I live with chronic pain from having spinal stenosis and having a failed neck surgery and a failed lumbar surgery. I also suffer with migraines and I swear the migraines are worst of it all! If that is going on I am down for the count. But lately I have had more good days then bad.

3. I feel the hardest thing about owning a Etsy Shop is the time you have to spend on the computer. First I am not computer Savvy!! Even though I have made great friends and meet wonderful people! I am very hands on! (not the computer) I like having my hands in a project. I also get into drawing, painting, and clay work. And you have to put your projects down to put your time and lots of it! Committed to the computer.

4. I brought a bracelet and a pair of earrings to the picnic. Everyone wants to look pretty on their picnic! And Jewelry is the core of my shop! These pieces are still available for purchase.
I do a variety of work and I also sell some supplies. Whatever I make I will list on this shop because this shop is about my creativity and how I want to share it. That's why I don't separate into various shops. I just people see my pieces and have an appreciation for them and Love to make their own.

Happiness Beach Bracelet    Brass Dye Cut Blank Sworavski Crystal Earrings

Shannon Amari of DandelionBontanics Says-

         1. Nature and how it works perfectly on its own~!
                    2. Daily~!
                         3. Obtaining visibility, being new and gaining trust in the quality of my products. Since I am so new, and don't have a lot of sales yet, it is hard to gain sales without the good feedback I have with current- in-person clients. Also, not everyone wants to join Etsy, and there is no such thing as "guest purchasing". It would be great if I could utilize my store in my clinical practice, with people who don't necessarily want to join Etsy.
ORGANIC Echinacea Root Tincture Echinacea Purpurea White Coneflower- Colds Flus Infections Fresh Harvest 2013 2 oz   Natural Cleanser Blemish Face & Body Wash 8 oz Liquid Soap CHAMOMILE DAYDREAM Gentle Herbal Tea Tree Oatmeal  
Organic TEA in TIN: Ann Arbor A2 Oswego- For Immunity, Infection, Digestion, Nerve Function

Ailalela of Ailalela says-

Here are the answers ... sorry my English
While the former is a difficult question to answer I'll try.
Well the colors and textures in themselves is what inspires me to create more ... mix materials and see the result and then try new things!
We in the store are two girls and "play" with different materials every day
There are different parts to bring Etsy shop that are heavy .... like expecting the sun rises to make as realistic as possible and then upload photos to the measures ... and of course the translations we certainly have more of an mistake!
I found it very entertaining the idea of ​​virtual picnic ...... my item was a shawl ... because that always makes you need to bring a jacket for when the sun goes ..... it is still for sale.
In the shop we have a model more exposed.

Thank you,
have a nice day~! CROCHET SHAWL, Perfect for all occasions!
Ailalela team

         Philly from UniquePhillyGifts4U says-

My family inspires me the most. My biggest desire is to be a stay at home mom, but to still be able to contribute to our family income.
I try to set aside a little bit of time daily to either make items for my shop, take photos, create a new post, or hit an estate sale looking for more beautiful vintage items. The important thing is that it fits in between family time.
I would say the hardest part of owning an Etsy shop would be the time it takes to promote and make sure it looks good. I try very hard to make my shop look as professional as possible. I am constantly retaking and redoing pictures in my posts. I am always concerned that it does not interfere with my family time.
I brought a wine bottle cozy and wine glass holder. They are two of the first items I created and posted in my shop. I thought it would be fun to have a nice bottle of wine and when you need your hands to hold your plate what better way to carry your wine glass than with a hands free wine glass holder. Both items are still available, as well as other like them. Both Items I take custom orders on.
 wine bottle cozy (Breast Cancer Awareness)  bag, or cover. Soft and so pink with a touch of cream.    Knitted Gray and Burgundy Hands Free Wine Glass Holder

Chapman of Lapidarydreams2 says-
It is fun to find the old jewelry and share is with others. We also work with minerals so jewelry can be made. It is amazing how much color is in a stone. It is so fun when a person says they enjoy our shop and is happy with the items they had gotten from us. The people are great.

Working with rocks and minerals the creating does not have a set time. The stones have a story and each time you work with a stone the story comes out. Sounds goofy, but you can see it in a persons eyes as they tell about the rocks.

The hardest part of owning an etsy shop is getting your name out. Most people we have talked to have not even heard of Etsy. Sales have been slow some months and better others. You just never know.

Glass Flowers Red, White and Blue Gold Tone Brooch, pin   German Shepard Gold Tone necklace

We brought the German shepherd necklace and yes it is still available.

    Marcia from SewcialStudies101 says-

 1. Color and pattern inspire me the most. I like to look for the "different" approach.

2. I create a little bit every day. Sometimes it's an all-day event, others just a half hour. I have to be in the mood.

3. The hardest part, for me, is pricing items so that they are in an affordable, yet profitable, range.

4. I brought a picnic set -- a tote filled with four coordinating plates, cups, napkins, and a OOAK quilt-top tablecloth to match the "ice cream" theme. It is still available for purchase.

Ice Cream Treat Picnic Basket


                       TreasuresBoutique24 Of AppalachianArtisans says- 
 1. Our main inspiration is the forest, we're on top of a mountain surrounded by trees so we take most of our cues from the woods and wildlife.
2. We try to build new items at least once a day. We find it helps to have an ever changing and expanding inventory.
3. By far the hardest part for us so far is shipping. We have a lot of large, cumbersome items that require quite the logistic process to ship from point A to point B.
4. We brought our "Local Apples" box to the picnic to carry all of the goodies.
We have this item and many others that are similar for sale~!           Rustic Reclaimed Wood Handmade "Local Apples" Storage Box Wooden Crate Country Farmhouse Gift Home Decor Tray Storage Solution Recycled


 Dennis and Kay of KaysCrafts says-  

1. Fabrics inspire me, I am always checking out the new fabrics especially from the different Designers.

2. I create when the mood hits which may be all month long or may be once a month. It depends on what I see that inspires me to add new to my shop. It may be a color that I like or it may be a customer that wants a board in a special color or design. I love custom orders because it gives me a chance to try something new.

3. The hardest part of owning an Etsy shop for me is promoting.

4. I brought my Balloon Celebration Cork board and my Cats in my Garden Memory Board French Memo Board. They are both available. I brought them to the virtual picnic because the balloons brought color and the cats and garden are just a part of a picnic.

 Cats in My Garden Memory Board French Memo Board on Etsy Fabric Board, Ribbon Board, Photo Board, Bulletin Board, Women, Retirement, Office    Balloon Celebration Fabric Red Frame Corkboard, Bulletin Board, Tack Board, Pin Board, 17X11 on Etsy, with 4 Button Tacks, Thumbtacks, Kids

Treshel Farrell of GracefullyTimeless says-

1. I find I am most inspired when I spend time in nature. Natural beauty is soothing and inspirational to my soul.

2. One can usually find me at my laptop writing stories and poetry or in my studio painting.

3. The hardest part of owning a shop has been acquiring steady sales.

4. I brought my Vintage Classic Book Set to the picnic (which is still available). I chose this set because it reminds me of the times I would go on picnics with my grandparents. My grandmother would
Vintage Classic Book Setalways bring books (Shakespeare, Keats, etc) and read passages to me.

She inspired my love for books, writing, and the arts.

What did I bring to the virtual picnic?

 Crystalyn McGhee avatar
Miniature Easel with Painting Locket Necklace, Miniature Canvas, Diorama Pendant, Glass Locket Necklace, OOAK Pendant          Crystalyn  from CrystalynsDreamery says-
I will bring my little birdie to keep us entertained, and wear my necklace to represent us artists, and bring this beautiful OOAK ring as a gift to bearer of best picnic snack :)

OOAK Caviar Ring, Nautical Jewelry, Unique Beach Theme RingEnchanted Birds Nest in a Miniature Bottle Display, Miniature Diorama, Tiny Birds Nest Display, Home Decor

                     I am inspired by fantasy and nature~! I try to keep my work unique yet simple. I work on something creative everyday, as it is my inner nature to design and create.
I am like most sellers on our team and find that the hardest part of owning an Etsy shop is the marketing and promotion! There is some stiff competition on Etsy as a whole so it can be very challenging to perfect the SEO and photography~!

Thank you for enjoying this virtual picnic with us~! You can find out more about any of these awesome Etsy sellers by clicking on their shop names~! 

Till next time, 


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Selling On Etsy

When you were a child what did you say when someone would ask you, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Did you give a blank stare while envisioning a sharp eyed adult version of you bustling along in a busy city with a nice briefcase swinging along your side? If you didn't then you probably like me and gave a different answer every time that question came.

No one ever says,   "I want to be the owner of a  unique business when I grow up!"

That is me, an owner of a business which sells unique items along side many others. We are  bustling along on a busy internet highway, but our briefcase is more of a combination of craft tables, file cabinets, and social media outlets.

What do you need to do? What do You want to sell? Most importantly, why? Sometimes, starting business is a combination of each of these questions and their subsequent answers. You need to make money, you want to sell your paintings, and because, well let's be serious here- no one else paints what you paint!

For most people starting an online business is an extension of their already operating physical business. Others, just want to create one of a kind pieces that sell and currently have no idea where to begin. Online selling is one awesome way to do so, especially with Etsy~!

Let's get to it, shall we?

Selling on Etsy is a lot of fun!  I want to point that out first! You Will meet awesome people! You will learn how much better you can become, and you will get your share of  "AH ha!" moments~!

You want to first have a look at these enriching resources-

The Sellers Handbook A lot of very useful information can be found here, don't skip out!

Rules of Selling on Etsy---Yes, even an awesome online presence like Etsy has rules.

Once you know the basics, you need to take great- I MEAN GREAT photos of your items. Sadly, I myself struggle with this! Photography is the bane of my existence. Fortunately, I can point you in the right direction!

Very Useful Video

More Photography Tips for Your Etsy Shop

There is a wealth of information on the Etsy blog to cover, and re-cover anything you will ever need  to know in regards to Etsy Selling!

OK, So you have your photos, you have your store open. Now what? Well, this is where many new seller s get stumped. You need to draw attention to your shop! What better way than social media? Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Instagram, and Pinterest- to name a few! If you haven't already, get on over to each one and get an account set up so you can promote your store like crazy!

Once youhave inmind what you are selling and  understand the rules, then youare making an excellent start~!

Every day, look at your store and critique your items, see if you can take another photo, see if your  keywords and tags could use adjusting, see if you need a more attractive banner, and most of all, relax and keep creating~! 

More Helpful And Amazing Links

Search Engine Optimization for Your Etsy Store

Creating Your Shop Banner

Linking With Social Media

Till next time,


Friday, April 11, 2014

Treasury Scavenger Hunt 2

 Each treasury includes one of these awesome 


 Here is the list.

1. dress

2. shoes

3. tiara

4. garter

5. something borrowed

6. something blue

7. something new

8. something old

9. flowers

10. pictures

11. necklace

12. bracelet

13. ring

14. makeup

15. wine glasses

16. curator's choice

Enjoy everyone's creative ideas in these awesome treasury collections and you can view more by clicking the image!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Satet First Ever Fundraiser

Each T-Shirt Is Black & Gold these are the Communities Color 
Sizes come in:  YXS - 4XL

Goal to sell all 50 t-shirts and help the lost 

lonely animals get rescued and adopted

Help Us Reach or Goal Share with Friends