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Join our fun active team
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"PNR" - Etsy Treasuries

WHAT IS A PNR Treasury? 

A PNR means Promote and Replace till next round Treasury, very similar to a BNR without having to buy in.

Each one starts with 16 featured shops and in the first couple of posts it tells you what the rules of the PNR are.

Usually you choose a shop that is being featured and promote an item via social media sites, then share your links in the comment box of the treasury.


PNR's are a great way to:
1. Promote your shop and increase views
2. Gain followers to increase visibility of your shop on Etsy.
3. Increase sales
4. Build customer base
5. Become part of the Etsy community.
6. Learn from seasoned Etsy peeps, eager to help your business succeed.

It's simple, but if you are still having trouble, list your question here