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Join our fun active team
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Treasuries How To

Treasuries- is a place to be creative and collect one item from sixteen of your favorite shops, as a show and tell member we strongly encourage curating treasuries weekly.

Benefits for curating; 

Helps show other shop owners your on going interest in there shop 

Members featuring your shop and helping you build and increase your views

Do you know how to create a treasury?

Here's Etsy's detailed instructions:

Shortened Version;

Pick 16 items (from different shops duplicating shops or adding your own shop is frowned upon by Etsy).

At the very bottom of every  item page, it will say "Add item to treasury" click on that. Give your treasury a title 
(you can use a title that matches a theme) and click 'Save'. You can create more the one treasury at a time this way also by adding different items with a different title, by clicking add new.

When your shop is being featured in a treasury you should always do your best to promote it, by sharing to social media and including a few hash tags to increase views on this treasury so others are seeing how awesome your shop is. Also remember to;

FAVOR - This is when you click on the little heart for the treasury itself. This means that the *treasury* has been favored and will pass through the activity feed of your followers.

COMMENT - This is pretty self-explanatory. This is when you leave a comment regarding the treasury try to use a comment with three words or more. 

CLICK - This is when you "click" on the individual listings within the treasury. It is either a click on the heart to favor the listing or a ctrl+click (holding the control button down at the same time you click on the individual listing to open it in another browser. Did you know that you can add up points in the treasury by clicking up to 30 times? We can click on individual listings in each treasury (either by heart or ctrl+click) up to 30 TIMES!
But...there is a cool-off period for clicks. There is a 4-5 hour period before our clicks will count again.

Views: We can "view" a treasury every 45 minutes for it to count points as a view.