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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Selling On Etsy

When you were a child what did you say when someone would ask you, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Did you give a blank stare while envisioning a sharp eyed adult version of you bustling along in a busy city with a nice briefcase swinging along your side? If you didn't then you probably like me and gave a different answer every time that question came.

No one ever says,   "I want to be the owner of a  unique business when I grow up!"

That is me, an owner of a business which sells unique items along side many others. We are  bustling along on a busy internet highway, but our briefcase is more of a combination of craft tables, file cabinets, and social media outlets.

What do you need to do? What do You want to sell? Most importantly, why? Sometimes, starting business is a combination of each of these questions and their subsequent answers. You need to make money, you want to sell your paintings, and because, well let's be serious here- no one else paints what you paint!

For most people starting an online business is an extension of their already operating physical business. Others, just want to create one of a kind pieces that sell and currently have no idea where to begin. Online selling is one awesome way to do so, especially with Etsy~!

Let's get to it, shall we?

Selling on Etsy is a lot of fun!  I want to point that out first! You Will meet awesome people! You will learn how much better you can become, and you will get your share of  "AH ha!" moments~!

You want to first have a look at these enriching resources-

The Sellers Handbook A lot of very useful information can be found here, don't skip out!

Rules of Selling on Etsy---Yes, even an awesome online presence like Etsy has rules.

Once you know the basics, you need to take great- I MEAN GREAT photos of your items. Sadly, I myself struggle with this! Photography is the bane of my existence. Fortunately, I can point you in the right direction!

Very Useful Video

More Photography Tips for Your Etsy Shop

There is a wealth of information on the Etsy blog to cover, and re-cover anything you will ever need  to know in regards to Etsy Selling!

OK, So you have your photos, you have your store open. Now what? Well, this is where many new seller s get stumped. You need to draw attention to your shop! What better way than social media? Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Instagram, and Pinterest- to name a few! If you haven't already, get on over to each one and get an account set up so you can promote your store like crazy!

Once youhave inmind what you are selling and  understand the rules, then youare making an excellent start~!

Every day, look at your store and critique your items, see if you can take another photo, see if your  keywords and tags could use adjusting, see if you need a more attractive banner, and most of all, relax and keep creating~! 

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Till next time,