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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Graduation Party

It's that time of year when people graduate 
from school- Your invited to a graduation party

Here's who went and what they brought;

A special message to let the grads know they are BRIGHT!!

A. Maily from AMailys says
A party favor to all my Graduating Nursing Students.

Heather from CallunaMuse says
my high school colors were blue and white :)

No graduation can go without flowers ^_^

A memory board for all those pictures and cards that are received for graduation day.

A. Maily from AMailys says
I was so proud to be pinned and to graduate from Union University with my BSN. This ornament is a reminder of the day that we became Nurses.

I designed and knit this hat up for my nephew, Max, his daddy just graduated from Medical school at MSU! Go Green Go White!

Edited on Jun 5, 2014
Every woman wants to be pretty in her graduation! So I'd wear simple but beautiful earrings
(Too bad in my country we don't graduate with the way you do in USA,and in some more other countries,it's not so fun here!  (hehehhe )

Owls Stand for Wisdom! So, I would take these earrings as a gift to the graduate!

A. Maily from AMailys says

Our class just graduated from the Air Force and we are proud to have our wings! Go Class of 2014!!