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Join our fun active team
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Sunday, June 8, 2014


Lets go to the Circus- you want to go? 

                                                  S.A.T.E.T Member's want to go;

Dennis and Kay; wants to see the horses perform 

Kelly Cass; wants to see the natural wonders of the world  

shine in the kids eyes! 

Taunya Cox;  I am sure they will do some Magic at the      
Circus! I will wear my magic potion necklace!

And the Lady riding the Elephant will wear something like 

these sparkly Crystal! Waterfall Earrings

Jennifer TuschongYou can't go to the circus w/out 

 glow in the dark circus earrings!

We're not in Kansas anymore... the Wizard has left the 


Lisa WellsThere are sure to be wildcats at 

the circus.

A. MailyI can't wait to see the Lion and 

Bears perform in the Circus

I wonder how many clowns can fit into one of 

these cars? 6 or more?

EffieI want to see the dancing bear!!! >.> 

I suppose for one more time the clown will 

trick us with a flower that pumps water from 

his lapel

Ah.... And before I live the home to visit the 

circus I hope I wont forget my keys... again...

Phung NhiBringing my reusable bag to carry 

everything I need ^_^